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Pat Hennessey hair fraud endorsing hair surgeons for payoffs

Patrick Hennessey is an internet entrepeneur who founded the Hair Transplant Network blog , forum and social community. Patirck hennessey also certifies Hair Transplant Surgeons for a fee in excess of $8,000 per year.

These surgeons are recommended by this community and protected from negative posts on the website. Those who do not pay the $8,000 are not protected. their reputations can be ruined by submitting the negative posts to google.

The message is clear. Pay the $ or loose your reputation ! Its like buying protection from organized crime. Mr Hennessey is not affiliayed with the AMA or the American Borad of Hair Sugery. Why does he think he can certify Hair Surgeons ? He has been sued by non menbers and forced to taked down negative threads about some DR's who do not pay the money. it it just me or is there a crime being commited here. Time will tell

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